30: Entering A New Decade

6th September 2017

Thirty is one of those birthday’s that you get mixed feelings about; it’s a milestone birthday that after crossing, I’m still not sure if I’m willingly ready to admit that “I’m 30” when asked my age. Some days I feel like I could conquer the Boston marathon and there are others where I feel like a huge win is an evening curled up on the couch, rubbing Tiger Balm on my not so shaved legs while watching reruns of Modern Family. Too much? – Maybe.

However, thirty is exciting in the way that you’ve established routines, your 9:30pm bedtime is finally accepted, and you have life figured out (ha, yeah right- let’s all laugh together on that one). On the other hand, mild anxiety sets in when you have an ah-ha moment that you’re ten years away from forty, you still aren’t married and technically your (grand)mom is right when she weaves random comments in to casual conversations that may or may not take a stab at your biological clock. Yikes!

Moving on…

Now that there’s no dialing back the clock and I’m faced with my new membership to the Dirty 30 Club, I wanted to share some wisdom with those on things that are OHHHH so very important to start in your yesteryear’s. We often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life but there are little things that we can add in to our routine that not only make our today’s better but our 30’s+ easier.

1.) Wash your face every night before bed. No matter how tired you are, wash your face before bed. We’re exposed to soooo many germs throughout the day and many of us have a habit of touching our face often which adds oil and dirt to our face that leads to blackheads and pimples. Don’t let makeup and grime sit in your pores for the 8+ hours that you’re asleep.

I recommend a mild face wash with a rejuvenating scent to just make you feel good; everyone’s skin type is different so it may take some time to find a good fit for you. I use Origins Checks And Balances with a Clarisonic face brush with the Radiance cleansing brush head- this was a total godsend send for me. And if you’re just too exhausted to go to the trouble of washing your face, at least use a cleansing wipe to do a quick sweep of your face to clean most of the gunk off of your face. (Leave a pack of cleansing wipes on your nightstand as a reminder.)


2.) Wear Sunscreen. Even when you don’t think you need sunscreen, wear it. You’ll thank me later. Two of my favorites are Coola Suncare and Supergoop! These are not oily or super fragrant which makes them great for everyday wear. Oh and in the meantime, get a skin checkup from your dermatologist and make sure to do it regularly.

3.) Take time for “me time”. Treating yourself is not only important for your own well-being, but for those around you. By allowing yourself to have a few minutes a day that allows you to reconnect with yourself, decompress and breathe, you’re prolonging your life and become in tune with yourself to be a better person. Yoga and Pilates is my favorite thing to do when I need to just regroup. There’s also nothing wrong with taking 10-20 minutes to apply a face mask to revitalize your skin while you’re watching TV or catching up with your bestie on FaceTime. Target and Ulta both have great options to choose from that range from $2-$6. See a couple of my favorites linked below.


4.) Drink water and lots of it. There are so many positives from drinking H2O. Just by loading up on the recommended 8 cups a day, it helps curb our appetite which helps us fight off those pesky extra pounds, makes our skin glow, and gives us that boost of energy that we need during our afternoon slump. For those that maybe have a hard time slurping down water, try it with a couple slices of lemon/fruit or purchase a cute water bottle (BPA free of course) to help encourage those extra sips throughout the day. See below for a few suggestions.

5.) Volunteer. This one is a little out of place compared to my other four suggestions but it’s just as important. I remember the first time that I volunteered, it was such a humbling experience that I started looking at life completely different. It gives you a newfound appreciation for your daily life and is just plain out good for the soul. We often get busy with life and forget to sometimes take a moment to give back but I promise when you do it’s so worth sacraficing that Saturday afternoon. Many towns have local websites that have volunteer events posted for folks to sign up for; if you don’t know of any, start by checking out www.volunteermatch.org to find an event in your area.

What are some things that you think we could all be doing to better ourselves and prolong our lives? I’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.



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